Monro+Kowhai's ambassadettes were approached because they mirrored our values. Many of us are constantly challenged in this day and age, especially through social media, and I believe the below values can help many of us overcome the hurdles we face, help us reach our goals and pave the pathway to success, however that may look for the each of us.

  • bravery,
  • strong identity,
  • uniqueness,
  • motivation,
  • resilience,
  • risk taking, and,
  • confidence.

Our ambassadettes have called on these values to overcome challenges, create their own success and build their self confidence. Check them out on instagram below.

Georgie Ferris - @georgie_ferris

Jamie Hume - @jamiehume

Nikau Hindin - @nikaugabrielle

Shiray Kaka - @shiray_9