Whare Tapa Wha - Ambassadette Shiray Kaka

Many of you will recognise our ambassadette Shiray Kaka as a player from the Black Ferns Sevens team who won gold in Rio 🥇 or as a crazy dog Muma.
Professional athletes often have natural skill known as the 'x factor' that results in some success, then paired with physical hard work, they can become the best of the best, staying on the world stage for a long and rewarding career. However, being in prime physical shape isn't all they need to do stay at the top.
Shiray is also working constantly on her taha hinengaro and taha wairua (psychological and spiritual health).

Shiray's Whare Tapa Wha Journey
"For the past 27 days I've been very strict with taking care of my hauora. I meditate every morning and sometimes night.
I am also watching Joe Dispenza seminars to understand how the brain works and how to manage your thought patterns. So I am monitoring every single thought that I think. And making sure only the positive ones stay with me!
At the moment, my spiritual and mental health are my priorities. Although training at least 5 days a week is the normal for me... I still have a lot to learn! But I'm enjoying the practices I'm doing at the moment!"
The below photo of Shiray at the Emirate's Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens 2019 - wearing her '50 SQUARES OF GREY' Monro+Kowhai scrunchie, and most importantly, wearing the black jersey again. Her selection back into the Black Ferns came after the above interview took place.
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